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Let Us Show You How Real New Home Expertise Delivers Real Bottom-Line Results.


Advanced Marketing Consultants is a full-service new home sales and marketing organization. Whether our clients are building and selling a small in-fill project, a large single-family community, or something in between, we handle all facets of the new home sales process by offering a full array of services designed to meet the needs of each of our clients. Our team includes specialists with extensive experience in all areas of new home sales including, marketing, sales, training and management, and project research and analytics. Advanced Marketing Consultants' business model is unique in that our professionally trained new home sales agents are not re-sale agents. For our new home sales agents, there are no distractions from their sole purpose – selling only our clients' homes in their communities. It is our experience and the unique strategies that are tailored to the needs of each of our clients that allow us to continuously meet and exceed our clients expectations.

Advanced Marketing Consultants is a full service sales and marketing organization. We handle all facets of the new home sales process for developers and builders. 


We take care of all the sales staffing, training, escrow & DRE compliance. Everything we do is focused on delivering qualified prospects and closing buyers for our clients. 



We understand new home buyers and we understand how best to navigate today's media landscape to motivate them to buy one of our clients' homes in one of their communities.


Our team closely tracks housing markets and trends, providing our clients with detailed project analytics so they can consistently make informed decisions. 

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